Assignment Number 5| Fact-checking News Organization/ News Site

Sputnik News Agency

Sputnik is a news agency based in Russia with regional offices in US, UK, China, Germany, Egypt, and France. Sputnik also has a radio counterpart. According to Sputnik International's website profile, it is operated by Rossiya Segodnya (Russia Today), a Russian media group that replaced RIA Novosti, which was scrapped by Putin in 2013. Interestingly, the website does not declare anything about the nature of its ownership-- state-owned, reports NewsGuard.

NewsGuard is composed of journalists who act as analysts in evaluating news sites in terms of their reliability. Their evaluation comes in the form of a "Nutrition Label" that also tags whether a news outlet is reliable or not. NewsGuard labeled Sputnik as unreliable as shown in the following assessment:
NewsGuard also cites that Sputnik has been publishing stories attacking state enemies of the Russian government. The news agency also serves as one of the country's defenses in explaining controversies to the public and the rest of the world. 
Direct quotation from NewsGuard’s evaluation of Sputnik.
Sputnik News Agency has also been met with criticisms by Media Bias/Fact-Check (MBFC) News, "an independent online media outlet" that checks media biases of online news sites. MBFC ranks Sputnik news on the far right of the media bias spectrum (see photo below). MBFC also highlights the questionable sources and propagandistic nature of Sputnik. 
Among the dubious and fake articles published by Sputnik are the following:
The article has a number of unnamed sources claiming unverified “sightings” of the said activity. The same observation has been noted by NewsGuard and
As reported and corrected by, Nevada Governor did not declare a state of emergency during that period due to shortage of marijuana supply, contrary to this news article by Sputnik. The declaration was of mere statement of emergency in terms of the urgent need to amend licensing regulations for the selling and production of the said substance.
On January 21, 2019, Sputnik published yet another fake news by discounting findings of its involvement in the MH17 Boeing crash that killed 298 people on board on May 2014. This denial was made despite the strong evidence of their involvement, as reported by various news organizations such as The Guardian and BBC News. The same fake news article was immediately tagged by

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